7 Jupyter Notebook Tips and Tricks

Jupyter Notebooks are widely used for munging data and presenting the findings.

Key Tools and Skills for Data Science

How many tools does one have to master in order to call herself a data scientist?

My Journey to Data Science

I’m about to start blogging about data science again, and I wanted to preface it with a little story about my journey towards Data Science.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning Basics

If you haven’t lived under a rock you’ve heard about neural networks.

Evolving my NN model from pure numpy to tensorflow to keras

In my previous post I’ve shared my Jupyter notebook with an attempt to predict the survival of Titanic passengers based on the Kaggle dataset for beginners.

Predicting survival of Titanic passengers

I’ve been hesitant to write this blog post. On one hand, I managed to build my first (i.

Broadcasting in NumPy

In arithmetic operations involving matrices and vectors (arrays) their shapes have to be compatible.

Logistic Regression Cheat Sheet

Following my linear regression cheat sheet, here’s a logistic regression cheat sheet.

Linear Regression Cheat Sheet

I’ll just keep it here. My linear regression cheat sheet made while following a great ML course from Stanford University.

Python and Data Science Learning Resources

When learning something new these days one is presented with an overwhelming amount of sources to choose from: books, courses, articles, documentation, stackoverflow, etc.